Nail Technician and Make-up Artist Level 3 Course


Studying for both the Make-up Specialist and Fingernail Technician qualifications at Stage 3 with the On the internet Studying College is a wonderful way to increase your abilities and information of the beauty industry and obtain full documentation for your research. By must techniques engaged in both of these careers you will be well-placed to perform in the industry and serve many different customers.


About this Course

This course is made for students hoping to analyze for the Stage 3 Make-up Performers and Stage 3 Fingernail Specialist credentials at the same time. This is a wonderful way to obtain knowledge into both of these sectors and will allow you to offer more services to your potential customers in the elegance market.

Study Time:

200 hours

Enrolment length:

12 months

Course Format:


Entry Requirements:

None Specific

Upon finalization of this documentation students are granted an ABC Prizes certification and an OLC Degree. All documentation charges are a part of your course charges.


By applying on this course you will be taking two programs simultaneously- the Make-up Specialist Stage 3 and Fingernail Specialist Stage 3 credentials.

To obtain either documentation you will need to publish, and successfully pass, all of the instructor noticeable projects. There are six projects on each course and no need to purchase any books as we offer all of the teachings and components required to learn the curriculum.

All projects are training based and are in an essay/question and response style to test knowing of the subjects protected in each of the course segments.


All of our students are given accessibility to our online university through the sign in and security password. Once signed in you have accessibility to your course components, training, sources and projects in your own time. Assignments are submitted through your account and the process is easy user-friendly. Our online university includes:

  • 24/7/365 accessibility to all of your course materials- all training, projects and sources are available from when you enrol
  • Instant accessibility to your course after you enrol- start learning immediately!
  • Integrated talk and rubbing systems so that you can get in touch with your tutor
  • Online task submissions to saving period of time in coming back represents and reviews.
  • Links to further sources and information available on courses
  • Self-led learning on all courses- research in your own efforts and perform through your projects at your own pace
  • Safe e-portfolio of your perform is kept under protected and key on our protected servers
  • Progress bar to show the task you get accomplished and how many projects you still have to finish on your course
  • Detailed help center with step-by-step guidelines on getting the most from your course and how to publish projects and phone your tutor

Course Content

This course analyzes the following units:

Make-up Stage 3 Course

Unit 1: Epidermis Framework, Framework and Physiology

Unit 2: Aesthetic Treatments

Unit 3: Make-up design and special effects

Unit 4: Eye lash and Brow treatments

Unit 5: Wellness insurance Safety

Unit 6: Business Skills and Careers

Nail Specialist Stage 3 Course

Unit 1: The Framework of the Epidermis and Nails

Unit 2: Manicures and Pedicures

Unit 3: Fingernail Compositions

Unit 4: Fingernail Tips

Unit 5: Overlays

Unit 6: Wellness insurance Safety

This course can be taken over a Year but you can finish it as fast or as gradually as you wish.


The most important device that all of our students have that they can is their instructor. While studying for a course with us you are allocated your own instructor with detailed experience and information in your selected topic.

You are wise to take advantage of your instructors skills and make inquiries about the course material. Your projects are noticeable by your own instructor and specific reviews is given. As well as this your instructor will give you with suggestions and advice on where you can improve- this helps you to get the most from your programs and regularly enhance your abilities.


To successfully pass this course students must successfully pass 12 projects (6 for each course). These are finished after directing through the corresponding training and composing your responses to task concerns. Once these have been study and noticeable by your own instructor, reviews and represents are offered to students which contain beneficial suggestions to increase perform later on projects.

Enrolment Length

All of our programs are allocated sufficient here we are at students to finish their research and all components are self-led so that you can finish the course in your own time. Should you require a longer period on one of our programs you can increase your enrolment by 30 days for the next fee of £60.

As well as this we have a 14 day refund policy on every one of our qualifications- that’s how assured we are of how you will love learning with us!

Who is this course for?

People looking for a official documentation to perform in the elegance market.




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